Final Exam Art One

 1.this was my favorite project this semester. It was my favorite project because it really taught me how to paint, and i had never really been able to paint we using different textures and brushes before.Mr. sands showed us how to create clouds and "tippy tappy trees". Tippy tappy trees are when you dot the brush around in small strokes, to make it look like an evergreen tree.Also, making the baground was really fun because you got to experiment with different shades of blue to try and blend them together to make this perfect shade of sky.With the clouds, i also had to use different shades of white and light blue, and a fan brush to make them appear light, fluffy, and full of moisture.I really enjoyed learning how to use acrilic paints on a canvas, i have never painted on a canvas before this class. This was one of my most favorite projects.
 2. I learned alot about drawing, and the way diferent colors contrast with eachother, causing the other to stand out more( example : white on black). This was a really cool project because we had to pick out an animal, and draw it on a piece of wax paer. Then, we put the piece of wax paper on top of the lenolium sheet and colored lightly over the back of the wax sheet. Next, we used these little metal slicing tools to cut out the design onto the lenolium sheet. when we were finished, we would cover it in paint, and stamo it onto a colored peice of paper.I learned that a little went a long way with the paint, and that if you put to much on top of the lenolium sheet, the design wouldnt show through very clearly. Also, when i was cutting the design out of the lenolium sheet, if you pressed to hard, it would make the lines really deep and thick. If you pressed to light, it would barely show up and when you put the paint on top of it, it would show up. Over all thi project was a fun and great experiece.
 3.(i did not make this clay art) This project was the 3D clay art.I used some of my painting tecniques from the acrilic painting when i painted this project. When i was doing the sky, i had to mix different shades togeather to get the perfect shad e of sky. Also, when i was painting the trees, i had to do tippy tappy trees like i did on my acrilic painting.It was really cool to use techniques and knowledge from previous projects. I really enjoyed making this project, it was really fun to get to work with clay and to figure out how to mold and shift it to look like the picutre we were using as a refrence. Painting it was really fun too. Alos. like i did in my acrilic painting, i had to make sure all the colors matched and flowed together well. It was a fun project that i really enjoyed.

4.Although this project was really fun, and i really enjoyed it, it didnt actually work. Mr. Sands made a "growing moss" formula that we were to paint on the walls. We had to paint it in a nice, cool, area that didnt get much sun because that is where moss likes ot grow the most. It was really cool to get to paint anything we wanted on the walls, and in a few weeks the moss might grow over it. When the moss grows over it, the words we wrote would stand out for all who are passing by to see it. However, this project didnt really require any painting or drawing techniques, since we were just writing on a wall. Also, this project was really fun and i really enjoyed it, but the moss never actually grew so it didnt really work. And, this wasnt much of an art project since were were just sitting on the ground writing on a wall.

5.I thought this 3D animal was a really fun project and it really relflects me and what i rally like to do in art. I really like to draw and doodle, so this project was especially fun for me. Also, i dont like to just draw, but i really lik e to draw animals(i cant draw people at all). It was really cool to be drawing something unproportional, and then to takw a picture of it and it would be three D. This project also helped me to learn hoow to draw accurate shadows, because i could draw them before but it didnt look like the animals actual shadow.I also really like to color. It was fun for me to blend different colors togeather to make this cartoon really pop and come alive, especially when i took a picture of it. I loved this project and would love to do it again.

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