Art 2 Final Portfolio

                                                                Art Two Final Portfolio

1.               I think that my unicorn stippling project was the most successful. The theme of this project was to create something in black and white, whether it was pencil or charcoal, pen or sharpie; the black and white however, had to have some kind of stippling, or crosshatching. I really wanted to do a picture of a mythical creature, so i decided to do a unicorn. I drew the unicorn out first on a piece of paper, but it looked so empty i decided to add in a little swirly design in the background. I decided I wanted to do the unicorn in stippling because to me, stippling looks the coolest, and most neat. This decision decided to be the worst idea however, because it to thousands of little dots to create this picture, and it took FOREVER. However, the end result turned out very cool and would probably do again, but on a much smaller scale. 

2.     The project that I felt that I had to overcome the most obstacles was the Ian Sands cup portrait project. The theme of this project was it had to be a portrait of something, but it had to be made of no-normal art materials; so stuff that you wouldn't find in an art studio to make art. I worked as a group on this project with a friend and there were many challenges to overcome with this project. One challenge is that we had a small copy of a fence and how it would look when we were finished, and we had to count the rows and try to judge where the cups would go based on the piece of paper. Also, we had to do a whole lot of fence climbing because a lot of the cups started up really high, so we had to climb up to put the cups in until we could reach from the ground; we also got in big trouble and screamed at because we had to hop a fence a could of times to get inside of the field that we were doing it on; I have no idea why this was such a big deal still to this day it was just a fence. Anyway, I wouldn't say that this project was a huge success, but it was fun to work on and facing all of the challenges that I did taught me that taking risk is OK, because if you meet the challenges that you face, you might come up with something great that you never even thought of.

3.      1)  One piece of artwork that I feel shows my growth overall as an artist is my colored pencil pit-bull. My growth is shown in the way that I have used colored pencils, shading around corners and folds in the bandana for example, to show it is layered and not simply flat. Also, my artistic vision has grown as well in this project because I am better able to select colors that will stand out well, and have the emphasis that I was really looking for. My creativity has also grown, because I actually drew this picture based on my dog, and I would have never thought if doing this a year ago, and it would never have looked so lifelike. Also, my subject matter has gotten better because before, whenever I would draw a dog, I could never get the face right. Now obviously, I had to draw a close up of just a dogs face, so that helped me to get better at drawing dog faces

2) Another piece of artwork that I felt that shows my growth as an artist is my Frogs Wallpaper painting. This painting actually helped me to grow a lot because I have never been that comfortable with using paint before, so It helped me to get more used to using paint. Also, I had to learn about the different painting rules and techniques, such as you put the darker color onto the lighter color, because it uses up less of your paint, and that when you apply certain layers, colors can get darker depending on the way that you are using it. Another thing that I had to do was for the wallpaper background on the painting, I had to use tape to cover up the areas that I didn't want to paint over so it could have that striped wall look. I also got really creative with this theme, "Sticky Situation" because I kept thinking of how sticky tree frogs hands are when you hold them, and how they stick to the glass; so I thought that it would be cool to have them look as if they are sticking to a wall.

4.  This semester we were taught different ways of learning and growing in your artwork. We were able to choose different kinds of materials to create our art. I thought that this was a really cool way and effective way and effective way of teaching because it taught me that art doesn't have to be made just on canvas with paint, or drawn on a piece of paper with a pencil, it can be made out of anything; whether its cups or cardboard and sticks. An example of this in my artwork is my "Zonkey" project. The theme of the project was "Questionable", and I did this project with a friend. We decided to do this project because we had seen pictures of artwork with random things sitting together on one side, but if you looked at it from the right angle, you could tell what it was, and we thought that was really cool so we decided to do it. We chose to use cardboard for the body, and sticks to hold it up, that were stuck in cement cups to keep it in place. (We originally tried to use wire to hang it from the ceiling, but it wouldn't stop moving so it didn't work.). We had to measure the sticks out, because some sticks had to be shorter or longer than others because the feet need to be shorter than the head for instance. Also, to make it look like it wasn't anything from the side, we hade to measure it spaced out so that they would all match up. Once we did that, and taped the cardboard to the back of it, we just had to line them up and take a picture of them.

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