Monday, November 19, 2012

3D Animorphasis

3D Animorphasis
We used photoshop to transform the way the animal looked, making it longer and wider at the top, so when you looked at it in a certain perspective it would make the animal look 3D.
 When we started drawing it on the paper, we drew a grid, to help to draw the girraffe to scale.After i drew the girrafffe i used to colored pencils to help add value to the picture. At the end i drew in a shadow to make the picture look more 3D .

Monday, October 22, 2012

Print Making

This was our print making project. I added texture and contrast to my print by using different colors that stand out, and puting plants in the picture made it have a little more texture.

I used positive and negative space by using different colors on different peices of paper, making not just the animal that i cut out, but the whole part of it something that catches your attention.

I think that idid a really good job in cutting out this dalamtion. If i was to do this over again however, i would have cut out some design in the background because that is kind of an empty space.
I was able to achieve depth in my cut out because my cout out was deep enough so that when i put the ink on it, it showed up in the paper.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print Sketches

For this project, texture is very important. Texture was so important because whe nyou are cutting out the animal, the more texture and patterns there are, the better it will look when its shaded in. Its important when you do your cutting that you dont cut it to shallow, but dont do it to deep eaither. Its really important to also have a variety of refrences when your drawing your animal. This helps you so that you can make sure that you draw it as accurate as possible.
When i looked at all of the animals that i chose, i picked the dalmation because it fit the best onto the sheet, and it would look the best when i cut it out, because i did the most detail on the dog rather than the horse or the leopard. 

Interactive Chalk Murals

This was a really fun project to work on. It really taught me the importance of working as a team. We all shared our ideas and listened to one another as we created this chalk mural.

It was very important to work as a team while doing this project because it was a life size chalk creation, so everyones help was needed to complete this drawing. We did a good job of working  together and interacting so that we know what would need to be done, and who was doing it.

Our chalk mural wasnt very successful becuse we decided to do ours nice and slow, making it super dark. Although it looked really good at first, it was a bad decision because we ran out of the shades of colors that we needed. If we ever did this project again i would make it so darkly colored.

I think that is is really cool to make artwork that the whole school can really connect and interact with because its fun for everyone. Its really cool when you see different people jumping and interacting with your art. I would deffinently like to do this project again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Art Portrait

This is my Value Portrait. To start this, we had to draw in all of the shapes that we saw on the picture, for example if you see a darker spot that is triangular shaped, you would draw it in. Then, we would add in all of the physical features such as the nose, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Next, you shade the darker parts of the picture, acording the they way that you had drawn your shapes. AS you are doing this, it looks slowly more like the picture you are drawing. I found the different values in this portrait by drawing in the darker shapes that i saw on the picture. this helped me to be able to shade it more acurately. I had a full range of values in my portrait by making the hair super dark, and starting darker on one side, and slowly fading of into white so that you can really see the shadow.I think that i did this picture pretty neatly and accurately, but one thing i would have changed on the way thati did this was make the shadows across his face a little more noticeable i didnt really think i did a great job of that. One really big obstacle that i had to overcome was the outline of the face. that was a really hard part for me to make proportional to the rest of the body.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winnie The Pooh (on the inside)


                  This project was especially fun. We printed cartoons of the internet and
                 drew them onto our paper. Then we had to draw the insides of that character: the skeleton.
                   This picture turned out alot better than i had anticipated, and it was really fun to transform the cartoon so that we could see the insides of them. I think that i really did a good job of capturing the way
good job of capturing the way the inside of a stuffed bear looks. If we were to do this piece again, i would consider more of his skull, i really didnt try to do a whole lot with that. The hardest part about drawing the inside of pooh was the ribs. The ribs were really hard to make them seem as if they were curving, and that the had spaces in between them. I learned that when you draw something that has alot of small peices, you have to take the time to draw each induvidual piece to create how it would really look.

Moss Art Graffiti

                                                                                                                                                                                This is our moss art graffiti. We painted a mixture of moss, water, buttermilk,
                         and mud onto the side of a brick wall that got very little sun, because the
                         moss grows well in dark places. I think this project worked out very well
                       considering that we were painting with a mud and moss mixture. The hardest
                     part about this was making sure that you made it the picture dark enough to see
                      and that you didnt make it so dark that it drips all over the rest of your picture,
                     which would cause the moss to grow in parts that you dont want it to grow on.
                A big thing that this project taught me is that it doesn't matter what it is, you can create
                       are with anything you want. I would deffinently want to do this project again.