Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ian Sands Cup Portrait

                     We chose to do our project on Mr.Sands because he wanted us to do a self portrait project, and it seemed only fair that he got the chance to have his face enlarged and up for everyone to see since it was HIS idea.When we were brainstorming for this project we wanted to make it big enough for other people to see so, why not do the cup project? This material was perfect as we had a very large fence for us to put the cups on, and other people would see it because it was the soccer fields fence. Risks however, in doing this project were that its hard to make the cups all fit in the fence so tightly together, so we had to go through and break alot of the cups before we even put them into the fence.Also, some of the cups fall out or blew out of the fence, and we were only out there for about three hours a day, and kids ar constantly around that area so if they wanted too, they could have taken our project down and we would have to start over. Also, the hair was really high up in the fence so Bailey ahd to climb up really high and put them in one by one, until we got low enough on the fence so that we could stand on the ground. Another hardship was the fact that the soccer field was always locked when we were out there, so we naturally had to clim b the fence and we were vary considerate and climbed the old, rickety, ALREADY BROKEN entrance to be able to spray paint our cups on the other side. Even though we were so kind as to make sure we weren' haring the fence in any way, we were still yelled at for doing nothing wrong...Anyway the cups that we chose did have a connection with Mr.Sands because in Art 1 of last year we did the very same project, and Mr.Sands was super excited about it and we had to pick teams and everything, except everyone in the class refused to do work and none of the cups added up to look to a portrait at all, so we decided to recreate that and see if we could accept the challenge and make a face out of cups.